Finnish Pavilion project receives funding from Media Factory

Last semester our project received a grant from Media Factory that will enable us to continue working on the development of the virtual reality installation of the Pavilion. With these funds we have so far been able to give a course about Unity software. This is the new program that will be used for rendering the 3D model and also for developing a new interaction and interface for the installation.

We have hired Mikko Hovi to work on the model and Tommi Hortana to work on porting the Pavilion into Unity. Also we are collaborating with the Media Technology Department at the School of Science and Technology.

In addition, this semester we are hosting a series of lectures in conjunction with our other project on the virtual reality reconstruction of the Vrouw Maria. I will list the lectures this semester on a separate post.

Finnish Pavilion visits Lu.Be.C. 2010

The interactive virtual reality installation of the Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 World Fair in Paris made a guest appearance in the Lu.Be.C. 2010 conference and exposition held at the Real Collegio in Lucca, Italy from the 21-22 of October.

Lu.Be.C. 2010, Real Collegio in Lucca, Italy

Visitors at Lu.Be.C. enjoy the Pavilion instalation.

Lu.Be.C. focuses on the use of digital information technology (ICT) applied to cultural heritage and promotes commitment to the quality of the ideas and actions, by providing all participants the most innovative tools to support development policies. The conference and exposition are  organized by Promo P.A. Fondazione, Italy.


Setting up the exposition at Lu.Be.C. 2010

Finland was the guest of honor during this 2010 edition of Lu.Be.C. Marko Moilanen, Senior Manager at Nokia presented the Innovation Mill project. Polina Kiviniemi and Janne Viemerö from the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation – Tekes, were also present.

Demo day presentation + installation

We’ll exhibit the pavilion installation on the 20th of May in the traditional Media Lab demo day. There will be a presentation and a floorspot with the actual setup, where you can try it out. The event starts at 13.30 in the Lume studio theatre.

Finnish Pavilion at Design Museum of Helsinki

Hi everybody!

Our project has been invited to be on exhibition in the Studio at Design Museum of Helsinki from end of May until October of 2010.



Installation of Pavilion in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 World Fair in Paris project is participating in the Finnish Design Month activities in Sao Paulo.