Lecture about Finnish Pavilion at Swedish Historical Society

The Swedish Historical Society cordially invites you to its first evening event this year on Monday, February 28 at 18:15. The place is The Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki (Unioninkatu 38, Building A, room A205). The lecture is in Swedish.

Finlandspaviljongen i Paris 1900 återuppstår [The Resurrection of the Finnish Pavilion in Paris 1900]

Since 2007 the Media Lab at the School of Art and Design (Aalto University) and the Chair of History at the University of Helsinki, together with other parties, have been working with the development of a 3D-model of the Finnish pavilion at the World Fair in Paris 1900. The building, drawn by Eliel Saarinen, was demolished after the exhibition and has therefore achieved a rather legendary status in the Finnish cultural memory. Nevertheless, recent research has led to new results regarding the pavilion, its construction, context and reception. The joint venture can now exhibit the pavilion as a virtual experience, coming increasingly closer to what visitors saw in 1900.

The evening begins with a lecture by PhD Derek Fewster on historiography and virtual reality, presenting the project. After this the participants may visit the virtual pavilion. The display is possible only by special arrangement on this day.