Daily Archives: February 11, 2011

Lecture series on Digital Heritage, Spring 2011

1. Digital Cultural Heritage and User Interface Design – Historical Perspective, 4 February.  (Aalto University, Lily Díaz) Room 4319, 4th floor lecture room at Media Lab. 2. The Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 World Fair in Paris, 11 February. (University of Helsinki, Derek Fewster) Room 6088. 3. The Vrouw Maria Project, 18 February. (National Board […]


We already had our first meeting to discuss the new updates on the Pavilion. We have decided that among the next things to be done is the adding of the paintings in the walls of the hall. We are also discussing whether the animal vitrine should be completed next. Tapio Matilainen and Toni Ehström are […]